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Waking up with a headache was not one of the most pleasant things in the world. But it's possible because someone always has to find out the persons motives to proceed further. He's used it by now and now is not the time to be complaining. He groans into his pillow as he hand hits the annoying sound of his alarm clock ringing in his ears. He sat up slowly and stood up from his dark blue sheeted bed and looks at the mirror from across the room. His hair was a complete mess from last night, that horrible fight with his white bandages around his chest. The boy shudders at the thought, tracing an index finger across a long scar from the many fights that they both had dealt with.

Everything that they've done was just a complete waste of the humans time, though he doesn't realize it... yet. Noticing he hasn't placed on his glasses, a hand reaches over to grab it, closing his eyes and slowly places it on. He opens his hazel eyes slowly and frowns at the sight. Just as he saw before that his hair was a mess and there are scars all over his pale ghost torso, his right hand clenches into a fist as he felt the urge to punch the mirror. Punch himself. Although it might seem bizarre for the person reading this, the teenager hated how he looked and was always insecure about his body. Those nasty scars all over them as he's scared to see his reflection in the mirror.

With all that settled in, his hand reached over to grab the hair gel and rebuild his hair into the look he always shapes every morning. The blue gel in his hand slowly makes his hair form, showing a scythe lock hairstyle as he fixed his glasses a bit, rubbing his gel hands on a cloth and moves over to the closet to get his usual attire. Slipping on his dark blue t-shirt with the gray smiley face, black skinny jeans and let us not forget the silky, black trench coat that he always had wore. Taking one last look at his reflection, he doesn't show a smile or frown at the sight and left his room, walking down the creaky steps that leads to the kitchen.

. . . . . .

The image zoomed out and showed the image of his room... no it's a camera, a small device used to record or see moving images of the surrounding area. How simple... The person watched with a gleeful smirk on his face. With this camera, I can spy on the Dib-human however I much please... The smirk turn into a evil smile across the persons face, making his zipper-like teeth show. He stood up from his seat and glares at the screen, seeing that Dib was no longer in sight on the camera. He only had one camera and that was placed in his room, perfect for spying on him to see what he was doing.

With a growl he stomps away with his boots making dents into the metal floor which is a deep red color. He soon reached the elevator that was awaiting for him on the level he was on, going into the small, circle tube that closes and zooms him up the many levels of the underground floors. He glares at the floors as they passed but the movement stopped as he reached the top floor of his home, exiting out of it and sees his small robot on the couch. His cyan blue eyes could be seen through the slightly dark room since it was only early in the morning. "Gir... What are you doing?" A voice boomed from the backroom in the kitchen, which made his way over to the living room, his hands turned into fists and resting at his hips.

The robot known as Gir turned his head to his master and he smiles, having a lollipop in his mouth as he waves at him. "I'm watching the Scary Monkey Show!" He said, turning his head towards the TV which had the indeed scary monkey. He glares at the monkey before shaking his head. "Gir I think it's about time we end our enemy's misery. What do you say?" He smirks, crossing his arms over his chest. The robot squealed and smiled, "I have no idea!!" He said, causing his master to face-palm himself.

"Never mind.. I'll deal with this problem on my own." He declared, walking away as he reaches over to place on his black wig and indigo contacts. He takes one last look around the room in his base and sighs heavily, turning and walks out the door towards his new destination called Skool.

. . . . . .

The person with the scars was eating some cereal, Cocoa Crunchies to be specific as he poured the white liquid into the bowl, soaking it up as he places the milk away in the fridge. Taking a glance at his sister who was playing on her GameSlave II he sighs and sat at the kitchen table with his bowl and spoon and starts eating. "You'll never get off that game Gaz?" He said, looking at his sister. Gaz lifts an eyebrow, her jaw-like purple hair that rests on his shoulders and shook her head, looking back down at her game.

"You just don't get it Dib..." She muttered mostly to herself and sounds of the bleeps and bloops come from the modified hand held device. The boy known as Dib frowns and sighs, taking a bite out of his cereal, "Of courses I do understand. You just don't say anything for me to understand.." He rolls his eyes and continued to eat. Gaz just growls at the annoyance of her brother's voice and stood up, walking out of the kitchen and out the door, closing it with a slam that made some pictures shake on the wall.

Dib sighs heavily, "When will she grow up?" He said to no one, standing up as well but to place his empty bowl in the sink. He grabbed his backpack that was beside the front door and walks out and down the sidewalk, keeping his eyes forward. It was warm outside but he was having some problem walking since the fight with Zim. His whole body felt sore and this was probably their sixteenth fight. Surprisingly, his skin he's faster than Dib's so Zim doesn't have any scars, evidence that they're fighting.

Everything has been weird for the two of them, like Zim has grown... softer. Even though the Irken has become weaker, that doesn't mean Dib has to, oh no. This gives him a chance of a advantage. He's been recently digging around his cameras in Zim's house and found out that his leaders known as The Tallests didn't sent him on a real mission in the first place. Of course Zim doesn't know but Dib is waiting for the right moment to tell the alien about his mission that was all a lie. He spent far too much time on the planet to be taking over it as he had said. It has been six years.

Eating away at his soul, the human with the black scythe lock felt pity. He knew about the truth about his mission for 2 years but... why hasn't he told the Irken yet? Is it because he's afraid that Zim might kill himself after he hears those words coming from his mortal enemies mouth? Why should he care!? All he had done was make his life a living in hell!

Dib bows his head a bit and he clenches his hands into fists, I have to tell him.. No matter what will happen, I shouldn't care at this point. He's ruined my life. Everyone thinks I'm crazy, I've been in the asylum seven times and most importantly... He thoughts were interrupted by a dog barking where he was chained to a metal pole. He sighs and continues to walk but stops in his tracks and sees that green blob with the red tunic. Zim. He clenches fists even more and walks a far distance away from him and continued his ways to school.

Zim was fixing his black wig on his head as he made sure that the two black antennas on his head were hidden. He couldn't afford the humans to see even though they're too thickheaded to know that he's an alien. He had a horrible disguise and had green skin that he says that's a skin condition on the first day of school. He chuckles a bit at that memory.

What about his horrible green head!?
Insolent fool boy! It's a skin condition.

He just smirks at how easy it was to fool those humans except the large headed human Dib. He was always right behind on his plans, ruining them when they're completely flawless and can't be ruined by human hands. Surely he must have used his filthy brain to defeat him one by one. Taking a glance at his surroundings, he couldn't help but notice the large building that he is now in. High Skool. One of the Earth's many education facilities that help younger kids to learn about different subjects.

Zim shudders at the thought of the book he had to read in Health. The human anatomy. It disgust him to see such ugly organs that he had never seen before. Irkens have similar organs such as that but it looks like an Irken's tongue and it's in a slit. Really abnormal you may think, but that's just how it looks like. He is an alien so it's normal for it to be like that, not something that's just skin and has to sacks under it that makes anyone want to throw up just from the thought of it.

With a annoyed sigh, he walked up to one of the many lockers along the walls, his own numbered 241, right next to locker 242 that was of course, Dib's locker. He had to smell that human's scent everyday and it makes his antennas itch or rather twitchy. Here he comes with his scent... He thought as he grabbed some books.

Dib saw Zim at his locker and he frowns, tapping him on the shoulder, "Zim. We need to talk." He said and frowns some more when he turned his head to look at him. "What is it now Dib-human?" saying his name like poison, "Or is it one of your insane plans to ruin Zim's amazing and diabolical plans to destroy your race?" Zim gave Dib a death glare and slams his locker door shut, turning on his heels and to his homeroom class.

The scythe locked boy watches the Irken leave, making him sigh heavily, "I'll tell him later. Besides, if I tell him now... it'll be a bad day.." He opened his locker and placed his books away from his homework last night and brought out new ones, History and English. He closes the door again and kept his hand on the cold metal locker for a few moments before turning to go to his next class, or rather, follow the alien.
Next - [link]

. . .

So here's the first chapter. I haven't really been thinking about writing long chapters, just short and simple ones. Tell me how you think and let me know if this story should carry on.

Invader Zim - Jhonen Vasquez (c)
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littlebirdy3tweet Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015
TTnTT poor Zim! Poor Dib! Dib does't even realize that he's trying to break it softly to Zim! *teary-eyed* "You really dooooo care Dib!" *Dib denies it as much as possible becoming completely flustered for the rest of the week* "HEH! I just gave him something  keep him busy Zim... get to making those evil diabolical plans!"
Homicidally-Insane Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I hadn't had time to read this but i finally did and its really good!
TeenieLover Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012
I have only just got round to reading this, it's been shoved in a folder on my tool bar for a while now, but I got the chance to today.

Even though this is a short chapter as you started, I wouldn't call it 'simple'. You put a good amount of detail into this, not too much to make it boring, and not too little to make it lifeless. Some people I have found love to miss out the details in a story, upon trying to get to the main focus, they do not realize that the build up is just as important.

You made a very good start to this, and I like your writing style. I am glad you also kept them in character, and if you do opt into carrying on the story, hope to see that continue (OOC is painful to read in my opinion). The plot sounds also good, not rushed and flows very nicely.

I would like to see more chapters indeed, it was a good read :) :hug:
Crimzination Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You have no idea how much that meant to me. Even though it was a fairly short chapter, it took me a few weeks to make sure the chapter was clear, professional, and easy to read. My vocabulary isn't that big, but it was good enough to get a good response.

I will be making new chapters. I just haven't got started on a new one since School is a few weeks and I'll be starting Freshman year in High School.

Thank you for you opinion. :) :tighthug:
Annaley Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012  Student General Artist
More please!!
Crimzination Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Will do~
In-Love-With-ZaDr Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
I think you should continue the story. I like it so far :)
Crimzination Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh thank you. That encourages me a lot since no one has commented yet. (:
In-Love-With-ZaDr Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
You're welcome. I noticed that as well after I commented and I can seem to figure out why nobody else would comment. I really like the story and I do hope that you carry on with it. :)
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