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Dib: *Runs away from Zim* Ahhhh! Get away!!!

Zim: *Chases after him, laughing evilly*

Dib: *Sees a tree in the distance and attempts to climb it*

Zim: *Grabs the back of his shirt before he climbs the tree* I have you now human!!

Dib: *Falls down and his head bangs onto a tree stump that has been sticking out of the ground*

Zim: *Looks at him* Dib?

Dib: *Grunts; his head starting to bleed*

Zim: *Eyes go wide* Dib?!

Dib: *Slowly opens eyes and looks up at the voice* ...W-what?

Zim: Uhh.. Are you okay?

Dib: *Grunts and pushes himself up; clutching onto his head* W-who are you...?

Zim: What are you talking about human? I am Ziiim!!

Dib: *Whimpers and squints eyes* ....I....I don't know a Zim...

Zim: What do you mean you 'don't know a Zim' ?

Dib: ...Like...I've never met a Zim before... *Clutches onto his head*

Zim: We've known each other since we were kids!! Remember?

Dib: ..N-no....I...I can't remember.... *Looks up sadly* I don't even know...who I am...

Zim: Huh..?

Dib: ....I...I don't remember...

Zim: Hmm.. *Stands up and holds his hand out for Dib* Come human, I want to scan your filthy head to see what happened to you...

Dib: *Hesitates to grab his hand, but holds onto it and pulls up* ..O-okay...

Zim: *Leads him to the base and brings him down to the labs, taking his disguise off*

Dib: *Eyes open wide and blushes slightly at him* ...T-that was just a disguise...?

Zim: *Nods*

Dib: *Fiddles with thumbs nervously*

Zim: *Leads him over to the scanner then goes over and clicks on a few buttons*

Dib: *Stares up at the strange machine that floated above him* ....

Zim: *The scanner shines a light down on Dib, scanning him, then the light goes away* Hmm.. *Clicks on some more buttons*

Dib: *Stares at the antennas that laid on the aliens head, blushing slightly*

Zim: *Looks up at Dib* It appears you have..amnesia..

Dib: *Hazel meets crimson and he slightly frowns*

Zim: It means you don't remember anything..

Dib: ..Oh... *Looks at the ground sadly* ...I...I'm sorry...

Zim: Why are you sorry? *Walks over to him*

Dib: ...I...I don't remember what happened to me...and I forgot who you were...Zim was it? *Looks up at him*

Zim: *Nods* Yes, I am Zim

Dib: *Closes eyes, concentrating on the name* ...Zim....Zim...I....*Opens eyes* ...Don't remember....

Zim: *Frowns, antennas falling*

Dib: What exactly is my name...?

Zim: Dib.

Dib: *Eyes pop open* Dib...?

Zim: *Nods*

Dib: *Smiles small* At least I remember that my name is Dib.

Zim: *Nods again and smiles a little*

Dib: *Looks at his red orbs* Zim. Is there a way I can gain my memory back? *Tilts head*

Zim: Hmm. Maybe, I'm not too sure..

Dib: *Frowns slightly and looks down at the floor* ...Oh...

Zim: I'll try to find a way though, don't worry.

Dib: ...I...I hope so.. *Smiles warmly*

Zim: *Smiles a little

Dib: ...C-could I...know more, Zim? *Blushes a bit*

Zim: Hmm.. Well there's not much to know other then the fact I'm an alien...

Dib: .I...I can see that...

Zim: *Nods*

Dib: *Stares up at his antennas again*

Zim: *Tilts his head* What are you looking at?

Dib: *Jumps and looks at his eyes* stalks on your head...

Zim: *Looks up* My antennas?

Dib: *Nods*

Zim: Hmm..

Dib: ...What do

Zim: They help me hear and smell.

Dib: *Tilts head to the side; realizing he doesn't have a nose or ears* Ooh.

Zim: Mhm.

Dib: .... *Has a sudden urge to touch them, but refrains* ...I...I don't know what do now... *Looks down sadly*

Zim: Hm.. Are you hungry..?

Dib: *Shakes head* ...Not really...

Zim: Hmm.. Well..What do you want to do..?

Dib: *Shrugs* ...I...I don't know...But I really want to get my memory back...

Zim: You'll get it back soon, don't worry.

Dib: ...I hope so... *Looks at him sadly*

Zim: I promise you will.

Dib: *Extends his arms and wraps it around Zim; hugging him gently*

Zim: *Eyes go wide form the hug but he hugs back*

Dib: *Blush softly tints on his face* ...Thank you...for promising...

Zim: Your welcome Dib-Human..

Dib: *Removes from the hug and smiles*

Zim: *Smiles back*

Dib: *Closes eyes and clutches onto his head*

Zim: Dib..?

Dib: ..Yes...?

Zim: Whats wrong..?

Dib: ...I...don't know.. All I do know is that I have a massive headache..

Zim: You want an aspirin?

Dib: ..I guess....

Zim: *Takes an aspirin from his PAK and gives it to him* Here..

Dib: *Takes it and swallows it* ..Thanks.

Zim: Your welcome..

Dib: *Looks at his antennas again*

Zim: *Looks at him then up at his antennas*

Dib: ....Their twitching. *Points at them*

Zim: Hm..

Dib: ..Why does it do that? *Pokes at it curiously*

Zim: *Antennas twitch a little more* *Shrugs*

Dib: *Eyes open wide in interest* ...They're....interesting.

Zim: Really?

Dib: *Nods, mouth opened in a 'o' shape; poking at them again*

Zim: *Purrs slightly, antennas twitching*

Dib: *Looks down at Zim* ...What was that..?

Zim: Uhh nothing.

Dib: *Frowns sadly* ...Why are you lying to me...?

Zim: I'm not lying...

Dib: *Whimpers slightly*

Zim: Whats wrong..?

Dib: ..I...trusted you...And you just...blew me off, lying to me...

Zim: But I'm not lying! I swear!

Dib: *Bends head down and turns to leave*

Zim: Wait!

Dib: ... *Stops walking and turns head to look at him; small tears in his eyes*

Zim: *Goes over to him* Please don't leave...

Dib: *Turns head and starts walking away again*

Zim: *Goes and runs in front of him* Don't leave...

Dib: *Whimpers and looks at him* ...W-why..?

Zim: Because..I don't want you to leave...

Dib: ..I want my memory back... *Looks down and walks beside him* ...That's all I want.. *Walks towards the elevator*

Zim: *Runs after him*

Dib: *Hears heavy footsteps and starts running as well*

Zim: Dib wait! *Keeps running after him*

Dib: *Enters the elevator, repeatingly pressing on the floor button to leave*

Zim: *Gets in the elevator with him before the doors close*

Dib: *Gasps and backs up trying to get away from him; only hitting the wall of the elevator*

Zim: Dib, why are you leaving?

Dib: ... *Looks away from him; tears starting to form*

Zim: Dib..? *Goes over to him*

Dib: *Whimpers slightly, holding himself close* ...

Zim: *Puts his hand on his shoulder*

Dib: *Gasps and whimpers louder; holding himself tighter* ...Nhh...

Zim: Dib whats wrong..?

Dib: *Hears the elevator and breaks out; running towards the door*

Zim: Dib! *Goes and grabs the back of his shirt*

Dib: *Eyes open wide and remembers the time he was climbing up the tree and banged his head* ....

Zim: *Holds onto the back of his shirt* Dib..?

Dib: *Hands turned into fists* ...Let go...Zim...

Zim: Huh..?

Dib: *Swings a fist towards the Irkens face*

Zim: *Gets hit and falls to the floor*

Dib: *Tears fall down his cheeks* I HATE YOU!!! *Opens the door and slams it behind him; running towards nowhere*

Zim: *Gets up, rubbing his cheek* Dib! *Runs after him*

Dib: *Is hiding in the park behind a tree; crying his eyes out*

Zim: *Runs around looking for him* Dib?!

Dib: *Eyes open wide and more tears fall* *Whispers* ...No...

Zim: *Keeps looking and finally finds him* Dib..?

Dib: *Clutches his knees against his chest; continuing to cry*

Zim: *Kneels down next to him* Dib...?

Dib: G-go a-away...I-I h-hate y-you.... *More tears fall*

Zim: I don't care if you hate me. But you shouldn't be running around out here with your memories gone...

Dib: ..I...I r-remember...W-what happened a-at the t-tree....

Zim: You do..?

Dib: *Cries louder into his knees*

Zim: *Scoots next to him*

Dib: *Tries to scoot away from him*

Zim: *Frowns sadly*

Dib: ....I-I h-hate y-you... *Looks up with tear stained glasses; clogging up his view*

Zim:  .. *Takes off his glasses and wipes his tears away*

Dib: ... *Sniffles and has a soft blush*

Zim: *Cleans his glasses and puts them back on Dib*

Dib: *Eyes open wide in a daze; staring at the Irkens glowing red orbs in the dark night*

Zim: *Smiles at him*

Dib: ...Y-your eyes...they're...

Zim: Huh..?

Dib: They're glowing...

Zim: They are..?

Dib: *Nods, blushing deeply*

Zim: Hmm.. *Blushes as well* ..Why did you leave...?

Dib: *Whimpers again, looking away*

Zim: Dib..?

Dib: ...W-what...?

Zim: Why wont you answer me..?

Dib: ...Y...You scare me.... *Eyes starting to tear up again*

Zim: What did I do....?

Dib: ...The way you touch me; as if your going to hurt me...And the way you lied to me back at the lab...

Zim: I wasn't going to hurt you.. And what did I lie about..?

Dib: ...I asked 'What was that?' when I touched your antennas...And you said 'Nothing'....

Zim: *Thinks* Oh.. I didn't lie though...

Dib: *Hides face into his legs, whimpering again* I don't want to see you...ever again....

Zim: W-what..?

Dib: ...You heard me.....

Zim: But..Why...?

Dib: *Growls and looks at him; tears streaming down again* I HATE YOU, ZIM!!!

Zim: *Eyes go wide from his yelling*

Dib: I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU!!!!! *Squints his eyes shut and cries long and hard*

Zim: Dib.. *Scoots over to him*

Dib: *Can't hear his voice over his crying*

Zim: *Puts his hand on his shoulder*

Dib: *Gasps again and cries harder* DON'T TOUCH ME!

Zim: *Jumps a little and retreats his hand

Dib: *The scythe that was on top of his, falls in front of face* .....Go away..... *Cries harder*

Zim: ...No....

Dib: *Whimpers, crying softly to hear is voice more clearer* ..W-why...

Zim: Because I don't want to...

Dib: Okay then.. *Sniffles and sits up* I'll leave... *Starts to walk away*

Zim: *Gets up and follows him*

Dib: *Holds himself close; whimpering*

Zim: *Follows beside him*

Dib: *Hides face with his hair; crying softly*

Zim: No..

Dib: ...What will I have to do to make you stop following me... *Practically begs for an answer*

Zim: Nothing...

Dib: *Sees a pier and walks towards it; holding himself close*

Zim: *Follows*

Dib: *His trench coat flows through the wind that passes; also following his tears* Are you sure there is nothing you want for you to stop following me...?

Zim: I'm sure...

Dib: *Sniffles* Okay then.. *Starts to lean over the pier about to fall into the ocean*

Zim: *Grabs the back of his shirt so he doesn't fall*

Dib: *Eyes open wide as dinner plates; turning to look at Zim's red glowing orbs* ....L-let go...

Zim: *Shakes his head* I'm not letting you fall.

Dib: *Pushes him harshly* Let go!!!!

Zim: No!! *Tightens his grip on his shirt*

Dib: *Tears fall down again* I HATE YOU!!! LET ME GO!!!


Dib: *Heart jumps and stomach does back flips at Zim's screaming* *Blushes deeply and more tears fall; falling silent*

Zim: .... *Wipes his tears away*

Dib: *Drops head down and grips onto Zim's uniform*

Zim: Dib...?

Dib: *Doesn't answer; only gripping onto his uniform more*

Zim: *Walks closer to him*

Dib: *Whimpers as he gets closer*

Zim: *Pulls Dib into a hug*

Dib: *Head falls into Zim's chest; eyes opening wide and fresh tears falling*

Zim: *Rubs his back*

Dib: *Wraps around towards the back of his uniform and clutches onto it*

Zim: *Closes his eyes and holds him closer*

Dib: *Blushes deeply; whimpering a bit*

Zim: Whats wrong...?

Dib: I say I hate you...and now... *Whimpers* ...I'm holding onto you.... *Nuzzles head into his chest*

Zim: ...Why do you hate me?

Dib: ...I...I don't know...

Zim: … *Rests his head on his*

Dib: *Blushes deeply and closes eyes*

Zim: *Blushes a little and rubs his back again*

Dib: *Makes a noise in the back of his throat* Nhh...

Zim: *Purrs a little*

Dib: *Nuzzles his head more into his shirt*

Zim: *Sighs happily, holding him close*

Dib: ...I still can't remember what happened before this happened...But.. I feel as if we were close friends, Zim... *Holds onto him tighter*

Zim: Hmm.. Yeah...We were...

Dib: *Lifts head and smiles sweetly at him* I'm..glad....

Zim: *Smiles warmly*

Dib: *Lays head on his shoulder* But please don't lie to me...

Zim: ..I wont..I promise...

Dib: *Nuzzles head into his neck* And don't break it...

Zim: I wont..

Dib: *Makes a noise in the back of his throat again; smiling happily*

Zim: *Smiles warmly and rubs his back again*

Dib: *Opens eyes slowly, having an odd feeling* Zim?

Zim: Yes?

Dib: *Frowns* If you lying to me right now, say it and I won't be mad. Okay?

Zim: ..Well.. Before you had amnesia.. We weren't very close friends...

Dib: We were...enemies...?

Zim: *Nods*

Dib: Well...why were we enemies?

Zim: Well.. When I first came to Earth I was trying to destroy the planet.. But after a while I found out my mission was a lie...

Dib: *Opens eyes wide; the memories coming back to him* And...

Zim: ..And I guess you hated me and wanted me dead...

Dib:  ....*Clutches onto his shirt* ...I remember...everything...

Zim: You do?

Dib: *Nods*

Zim: ...Do you hate me again...?

Dib: Maybe~...

Zim: ...Do you..? Yes or no...

Dib: *Hugs tightly* I promised before I wouldn't get mad; and I will keep that promise...

Zim: .... *Hugs back*

Dib: So no. I don't hate you...

Zim: Y-You don't...?

Dib: *Shakes head* I don't..

Zim: ...Thank you...

Dib: ...For what? *Moves head to look up at him*

Zim: ..For not hating me...

Dib: *Feels heart shatter a little* I could never hate you....

Zim: ..And I could never hate you...

Dib: *Stares up into his hypnotizing glowing orbs* ...How come?

Zim: Because...I...I...

Dib: *Smiles sweetly, waiting patiently*

Zim: ... *Holds him close and whispers* I love you...

Dib: *Eyes open wide; feeling his stomach flip and his face heating up* *Stares at his orbs* l-love me...?

Zim: *Nods*

Dib: *Removes a hand from his back and clutches onto the front his own shirt; looking down* ...I... *Blushes deeply*

Zim: ... *Looks at him*

Dib:  *Smiles small and looks up at Zim; his eyes half-lidded* I...I love you too...Zim...

Zim:  ..You..Do? *Antennas perk up*

Dib: *Pouts* Don't make me say it again!

Zim: *Smiles and hugs him tightly*

Dib: *Smiles; blushing deeply, returning the hug* Stupid alien...of course I do...

Zim: *A faint blush appears on his face* *Nuzzles Dib's face*

Dib: *Looks up into Zim's eyes; smiling from ear to ear with the blush still tinted on his face*

Zim: *Smiles sweetly at him*

Dib: *Leans up slowly, whispering* I love you, Zim... *Matches lips together softly, wrapping his arms around his neck*

Zim: *Eyes go wide, his blush grows.* *Kisses back softly*

Dib: *Slowly closes eyes, kisses a bit more passionately*

Zim: *Eyes go half-lidded and he slips his tongue in Dib's mouth*

Dib: *Gasps at the feel, blushing a bit deeper, but soon slipping his tongue into Zim's mouth; wrapping him tongue around his*

Zim: *Moans a little into the kiss*

Dib: *Removes from the heated kiss, only to tilt his head and jump right back in; slipping his tongue into his mouth more eagerly*

Zim: *Closes his eyes fully and leans into the kiss*

Dib: *Lets a little moan escape and reaches a hand up towards his antenna; rubbing softly*

Zim: *Purrs a little*

Dib: *Moans Zim's name* Z-zim.... *Blushes deeply of the vibrating purrs from him*

Zim: *Moans again and holds him close*

Dib: *Starts getting dazed and falls backwards onto the pier's platform; bringing Zim down with him*

Zim: *Makes a little 'oof' sound when he falls*

Dib: *Groans and opens eyes blushing deeply; seeing Zim on top of him*

Zim: *Looks down at him, blush growing*

Dib: *His eyes fall half-lidded; showing pure bliss* *Wraps arms around his neck and pulls him down into another deep kiss*

Zim: *Closes his eyes again, leaning into the kiss*

Dib: *Licks at his bottom lip; as if he was asking for an entrance*

Zim: *Opens his mouth a little*

Dib: *Pulls Zim down more and slips tongue into his mouth; kissing rather deeply*

Zim: *Moans a little and grips onto Dib's shirt*

Dib: *Whimpers and removes from the kiss; breathing heavily* I want you, Zim...

Zim: You have me....

Dib: *Brings him down closer* Prove it....

Zim: *Blushes a little and leans down; kissing Dib again*

Zim: :iconinvadergirl501:

Dib: Me
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